Six Year Anniversary Specials!!



Fresh Salmon w/ Mango Salsa   $14.95

Fresh salmon filet grilled to order in Caribbean jerk seasoning then topped with our homemade mango salsa. This dish is served with your choice of two sides.


Beef Tenderloin Steak Oscar   $21.95

Beef tenderloin steak grilled to order topped with crabmeat, Swiss cheese, asparagus spears and hollandaise sauce.  This dish is served with your choice of two sides.


Shrimp and Fruit  Salad   $12.95
A  bed of fresh greens topped with tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots, onions, sliced pears, kiwi, watermelon, Craisins and blue cheese crumbles.



Chicken Vodka Pasta   $12.95

A chicken grilled served over a creamy tomato, basil and vodka sauce tossed in penne pasta. This dish is topped with parmesan cheese and served with your choice of one side.


Today’s Soup:

                                                              Crab Bisque

Today’s Side:

                    Red Skin Potato Salad OR Garden Tomatoes & Feta Marinade